Create push, proximity, geofence and audience targeting and retargeting campaigns with Uzoomi platform and deliver the contents with available Uzoomi mobile app.

Any Beacon / Eddystone device works with our platform

why choose uzoomi

Uzoomi utilize proprietary targeting analytic tools to push the advertising contents in real time with beacon. What separate us from others is the use of the backend data to reach customers in real time with appropriate meaningful message based on their needs.


Create contents with images, URL’s, videos, sounds and buttons using our online iBeacon & Eddystone proximity platform. We have all templates prepared and easy to use.


Uzoomi mobile app is ready for you and we are offer white label integration based on your needs. We have a team to customize your white label solution.


Engage your customers by sending Push Notification or E-mail are the best practice to engage your customers regardless of their location. We use data analytics to target customers for Push Notification.


Send notification with Campaign to people that entered a defined geographic area.


Targeting audience based on analytics showing better conversion rate. Data driven targeting is what separate Uzoomi platform from others


Re-engage customers with best fit messages & advertising. Customer analytics drives our re-targeting efforts.

Geofence Campaigns

Geofence is when setting up radius around point location (geographic area) where customer receives a notification on mobile device as soon they enter the defined radius. Uzoomi uses available data to suggest appropriate Geofence set up in order to have successful campaign.

Take a Look Around our App

You don’t have to have your own app to start utilizing ibeacon / Eddystone as your digital marketing channel. Our app is user friendly and have features that are appealing to customers. We also have white label integration solution.


Pay 5 cents per promotional content view. We believe you should only pay us if your content is being viewed. There are no hidden charges or monthly fees or contract. We are proud of our solution / platform that once you start using, you will recognize value. Uzoomi is the only ibeacon / Eddystone platform provider which doesn’t require commitment from the customers.


Our service comes with FREE ibeacon device that support Eddystone function. We will mail the device(s) once you register with our platform. Our goal is to launch successful targeting campaigns for our clients. Click here to receive your free ibeacon and get started

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